Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oreo Truffles

This post is a re-make from one I did two years ago today. Since then I've added some more photos and more ideas of what to do with these Oreo Truffles or so I call them. I really don't know what the proper name is for these or who was the original creator. In fact, my story goes back to 2004 in my Spanish for Medical Care Providers class at ISU. A classmate of mine brought them and someone asked what was in them. She spouted out the words "1 package of Oreos, 1 package or cream cheese, and dipping chocolate". I quickly wrote it down and took one home with me to figure out how to make them. This is the way I figured out how and it has worked for me ever since. If anyone has a different way to make these, please let me know. 
Oreo Truffles

Grind a whole package of regular Oreo Cookies
(I have used regular, Mint Oreo, Golden Oreo, and Peanut butter Oreo).

You should have a dirt mixture now

Blend in one 8- once package of cream cheese to make a mud like paste.

Roll into any form you'd like.
Freeze for at least 1 hour (I make mine the night before)
Dip in chocolate or make what I call "naked style".
Remember to refrigerate all truffles made naked style or not. They will last longer and taste fresher because of the cream cheese.

 Here are more ideas I make Oreo Truffles for:

Holiday and Celebration Ideas:
Valentines Day- Mold into heart shapes, add food coloring to your dip to make pink or red hearts.
March- You can mold into Shamrocks and add green food coloring to dip.
Easter- Roll them into oval shapes and add any food coloring to dip.
Independence Day: Make stars with yellow or red and/or blue food coloring to dip.
Baby Showers: Make into balls and color the dip to make blue or pink.

Halloween: Mold and create: ghosts (use white chocolate or vanilla melts and pour onto truffle to make drape), witches (use dark chocolate and mold hats out of tootsie rolls, decorate face with confetti), pumpkins (color white chocolate or vanilla orange and use piece of candy as stump), spiders (while still fresh, press licorice legs into balls). You can freeze after the licorice is in place to hold it, cats (use naked or dipped in dark chocolate, add tail and whiskers with licorice, ears molded from Tootsie roll, and eyes with confetti), and monsters (be creative with candy and any colored dipping).

Thanksgiving: Turkeys dip balls in milk chocolate and use candy for feathers and face. Pilgrim hats are easy to mold and dip in chocolate.
Christmas: Snowman with three balls frozen together and dipped in white chocolate or vanilla, Santa clause with red hats molded out of red taffy and chocolate eyes, and Rudolph (dipped in milk chocolate, cinnamon candy nose, and licorice antlers).

I love making these truffles because you can use them for any event.
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abby's photo shoppe said...

I didn't know these were the candies you made at Christmas. They are our new favorite cookie EVER! And WOW! I cannot believe how much work you have put into this site! Good job. I will have to come back more often! take care. Miss you guys.

abby's photo shoppe said...

Ok, so just one more comment. I have experimented a little and we found that we like the cookie to be coarser so we just dump all the cookies in a ziplock, crush them up a little (still leaving about nickle or larger size chunks) then we throw in the cream cheese and mash it with our hands (after we close the ziplock of coarse. Then we make them a little bigger so about walnut size and dip them. That way you can have more texture to the cookie IF that's what you like. so if you want to taste the chunck of cookie and then get a chunk of cream cheese this would be another way to go. But I will tell you this, they are not in any way as pretty as the "candy" size that you make. Mine are lumpy. So anywho, just thought I would comment and let you know! Later, Abby

Madeline and Family said...

I've been making them for our Christmas giveaway treat since 2004I also showed DJ how to make them and I think he has made them at the Longs house a few times. I swear I gave you some. But, I can't remember that far back. But, thanks for the tips. They sound delicious the way you make them.

Nichole said...

You made these as gifts for my Bridal Shower guests...they are awesome...i think i will give them a try this Christmas.

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