Friday, December 18, 2009

6 Layer Bars

Ok, since I've been in the kitchen baking all week, I made some things that I had already posted last year. However, with new pictures and changing some things, I am re-posting these 7- Layer Bars that I made. I did keep most of the text already written and then added some new pictures (in addition to the old ones). This recipe is a childhood favorite. I remember my mother making these for parties, potlucks, and sometimes an after school treat. They probably have many names but, I grew up calling them "Yummy Bars". The most common name for them, however seems to be 7 layer bars. Since my mother never really added butterscotch chips, as many do, I decided to call these 6 layer bars :). This recipe doesn't even need directions just the 6 ingredients and you can layer away. I just layer these in equal amounts (except butter) to make it equally delicious.

Pre-heat oven @ 350 degrees.
Layer 1- Butter:
Melt a 1/2 cup of butter into a baking pan.

Layer 2- Cracker Crust:
A cup of graham cracker crumbs (or other sweet crumbs) evenly all over the butter on the pan.
Press to make a crust.

Layer 3- Nuts:
A cup of sliced Walnuts spread out.
(Or slivered Almonds, diced Pecans etc.).

Layer 4- Chocolate:
A cup of semi-sweet, milk, or white chocolate chips (or chunks).

Layer 5- Coconut:
A cup of coconut spread out.

Layer 6- Sweet and Condensed Milk:
Pour 8-10 ounces of Sweet Condensed milk evenly all over the top.

 It is ready to go into the oven now. Cook for 20-25 minutes @ 350 degrees.

Coconut should look toasted. Enjoy!
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suburban prep said...

These bars are soooooo good.
Don't get me started.

The Danaraj Family said...

Oh WOW, YUM!!! I think I just might have to make these this weekend :). Thanks!

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