Monday, August 22, 2011

Pollo Asado Pasta

This is a re-do of my original Pasta de la Salsa con Pollo that I created back in 2009. I thought my original dish needed a little flair and flavor with out using as many herbs and seasonings. The transition to Pollo Asado brought out the full potential of all the ingredients by simply changing the order and preparation of the ingredients and taking out all but one seasoning. Along with roasted chicken breast, this dish has roasted peppers, tomatillos, onions, and grape tomatoes; served over cilantro and green chile infused pasta.

2 Large Chicken Breasts (I prefer them the with ribs still in them)
2 Bell Peppers (red, green, yellow, or orange)
4 Tomatillos, husks removed
1 Small package of Grape or Cherry Tomatoes
1/2 to 1 Whole red onion
Garlic Salt (as per directions)
Grape seed or Canola oil (as per directions)
Lime juice (as per directions)

Directions: Roast chicken in broiler until done. Cut up Tomatillos, onions, and peppers. Spread all of them out on a baking sheet or roasting pan. Spray or toss with approximately 1/4 cup of Grape seed oil. Sprinkle liberally with garlic salt. Roast in the Broiler for 10-15 minutes or until blackened.

Ingredients for Infused Pasta:

For 4 cups of cooked Pasta-
1 Bunch of fresh Cilantro
1 (4oz) can of Green chiles (with the juice)
2 Teaspoons of lime juice
4 Tablespoons of Butter or Olive oil
1 Tablespoon of Chicken Bullion (equivalent to 1 cube)

Directions: Puree Cilantro, green chiles, and lime juice. Cook pasta and drain water. Melt butter over pasta. Stir in chicken bullion. Add Puree and mix until incorporated. 

Serve with roasted chicken and veggies and top with Parmesan or Jack Cheese.

Suggestions and Substitutions:
1-You can use real garlic cloves and roast them along with the veggies. Mince after roasted and add back to veggies.
2- You can substitute regular or canned diced tomatoes for the grape tomatoes.
3- If you don't have garlic salt, you can use garlic powder and a little salt.
4- You can use olive oil, it is just doesn't hold up as well when heated at high temperatures.
4- A few additions I have added in the past. Black beans and tortilla strips.
5- For a gluten-free version, substitute cooked rice or mashed potatoes for pasta.
6- With leftovers, I will use roasted chicken and veggies for a quesadilla, omelet, or for fajitas.   
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rachaelandjoseph said...

I love how juicy it looks, and it would taste great over rice.

Madeline and Family said...

yeah, you can even make a chicken parmesan rice instead of pasta. I bet it would taste just as good. Or even serve the salsa and chicken mix over mexican style rice.

Georgia Collins said...

I actually made this when I saw it. Remarkable how much flavor in this dish. I think I might try it with taters like you suggested.

Gloria said...

This looks really good Madeline. You'll have to make it for us when you come next.

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