Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scrambled Eggs Florentine with red peppers

This delicious breakfast dish is something of a favorite in our house. Even my two year daughter will eat up her serving of this Spinach and egg creation. I have called it Scrambled Eggs Florentine for the purpose that Florentine refers to foods that are cooked in the style of Florence... specifically egg, meat and fish dishes that contain spinach and, most often, a creamy Mornay-style sauce. The traditions Eggs Florentine is somewhat like Eggs Benedict that replaces the Canadian Bacon with Spinach which are equally delicious. I think that I have become addicted to cooking fresh spinach lately. It is cheaper than frozen spinach and sautes so quickly. My scrambled eggs Florentine recipe is a non-measurement recipe since I make different quantities. So, go with it and make as little or as much as you have or want. Sometimes "eye balling" ingredients can be the best way to get a great mixture of flavors.

Roast or saute cubed red peppers.

Add clean cut spinach and cook until sauted.

Add already beaten eggs (that have a splash of milk, cream, or even buttermilk/sourcream) and scramble as desired. Towards the end of the cooking process, add a handful of grated Italian cheese mix like Parmesan, Romano, and/or Asiago. Cheese will melt accordingly.

Throughout the cooking process add any or all seasonings as desired: Dill weed, paprika, basil, garlic salt/powder (or add minced garlic when sauteing peppers and spinach), pepper and salt.

Our favorite thing to eat eggs Florentine with is chopped fresh tomatoes and toast.
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