Monday, April 13, 2009

The Big Easter Apple

Easter is here and there are so many different things to do with this holiday. I saw on the calendar that it was National Caramel Day this month and the first thing I thought of was making homemade caramels. Then, I thought about something fun for kids and came up with this idea. Honestly, I don't make caramel apples at anytime other than the fall. However, every time I pass a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and see the racks full of decorated apples, it confirmed my desire to make some of my own this Easter. These were easy to make and made it fun for my whole family to participate in. I recommend trying it for yourself.

Melt caramels with a couple of teaspoons of milk. Coat each apple to your liking. Coat the second layer with melted white chocolate or regular melted chocolate.

Immediately after you coat with chocolate, roll in any topping you like. For this one, I rolled it in Easter M&M's.

This one I rolled it in crushed up Golden Oreos.
* Just remember that the white chocolate might not hold the topping right away so, you might have to press the toppings on with your hands also.

What toppings have you enjoyed on your caramel apples?
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1 comment:

Rachael and Family said...

those look kinda like the caramel apples we used to get at that candy store. they look yummy.

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