Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ham and Eggs Benedict

Easter is over and you are left with a ham that could last you for weeks. Actually, ham can last for weeks if you store it in the fridge with a kitchen towel over it. However, if you want catch up on other ham recipes or freeze some for later then you won't have to look at it in the fridge for much longer. I made this ham for an Easter party and it turned out very nice. Hams can be one of the easiest meats to cook not only because they are pre-cooked usually, but because they take little to no work. Just place it in the oven and let it heat. It you choose to glaze it, like I did, it will look even that much better.

Don't forget to save the bone off the ham, it makes for a great soups later. Just place it in a freezer bag and take it out when you are ready to use it.

Some of the ways I like to use my left over ham is in Eggs Benedict. If fact, I think that roasted ham tastes better than Canadian Bacon sometimes. It has more flavor that adds to the Hollandaise sauce, which results in a great combination with the egg and English muffin.

I also wanted to share a little trick I learned about poaching eggs right in the water. If you add a pickle or two to the water, it will make the proteins in the egg to stick together which will help you get the most of your egg than if the egg white is all over the place.

Anyway you make it, Eggs Benedict is always a great choice for breakfast, it is definitely my favorite.
Here are some other ways I like to use my left over ham:
Freeze for soups later
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Grilled ham and cheese
Hawaiian Pizza
Pork Fried Rice
What do you like to use your leftover ham for?
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Heathie said...

We just made a small ham for the 5 of us, and there was tons left over! I chopped it up into little cubes (about .25" cubed), and put them in breakfast burritos. It's super easy; just cook hashbrowns on a griddle, then add the ham and let it warm up, then add scrambled eggs (or scramble them in the center of the potatoes and ham) and cheese. I think it would be good with veggies and onions, but you know Dave wouldn't stand for that. ;)

Nichole said...

Thats looks delicious...i am going to make eggs benedict for my Bday breakfast tomorrow. I told Javier i was making a "special" breakfast because it was the "most important day of the year" and he said "whats tomorrow"?. I am gonna kill him:)

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