Thursday, April 9, 2009

Playing with Food

What is a normal kids lunch to you? Chicken fingers, corn dog, sandwich, or Mac and Cheese? My sister and brother in law came to visit us and bought this huge pack of Kosher Hot dogs from Costco to BBQ. When they left, there were a few hot dogs that were great to have on hand for my little girl. Because she likes hot dogs so much, I thought about how my sisters and I used to curl them in the microwave. It was kind of a fun way to eat our hot dogs with out the bun. Even though this is after National Hot dog day (in March), I thought it would still be something fun to share.

By making slits into the hot dog like this from front to back, when you cook it, it curled even more into a complete circle to make.....

A lion's face. Actually, when my sisters and I made them, we called them flowers. But, I like my lion better don't you?

You can get a snake out of it when you make slits on half of one side and then half on the other.

Now, I can't take credit for this one. That goes to my good friend Tara. She is so creative with things for kids. She made hot dog octopuses for the kids one day and I have wanted to do it for my daughter ever since. I think it is a really cute idea.

What have you made or think you can make with a hot dog?
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1 comment:

Nichole said...

This makes feel old because i remember doing this at your house with you. Gavin would like this.

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