Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Sweet Life of Sourdough Bread

To look into the Boudin bakery go to :
The wonderful sourdough bread has become a coastal favorite. It has carries a piece of history in every loaf. Many people don't understand how sourdough is made and are quite surprised by its inner workings. On our last trip to California Adventures, we visited the Boudin Sourdough Factory on their little wharf and learned all about it along with a great sample piece. The main factory is in San Francisco and I also recommend going their to see for yourself why this bread is among some of the best in the world.

One thing that I like to use sourdough bread for is when I make what my grandmother called "Toad in the Hole"most commonly known as Eggs in a basket. Other names I have heard are: moon egg, cowboy egg, egg-in-the-hole, and one-eyed monster. Toad in a hole is also the name of a British sausage dish but is quite different.
By simply cutting a hole in your sourdough or regular bread, butter the bread a bit on both sides, place on a medium to high heat pan, break an egg inside it, and cook to your liking.
I will make a face on it for my little girl who loves ketchup with her eggs. I'll keep the little round piece for her to dip into the egg when I make it a little over easy. She loves it!
What do you know this breakfast as?
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Natalie Jane said...

I know it as toad in the whole. I wouldn't call it the one-eyed monster. I think something else has that nickname :)

Madeline and Family said...

HaHa, I didn't think of that one.

abby's photo shoppe said...

I ate this breakfast every day for 5 months when I was preggo with Lucy. I loved it with LOTS of butter!!!!

And I also think of something else as the one eyed monster ;)

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