Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rustic Cherry Peach Crostata

A "Crostata" is a baked Italian dessert...a rustic tart of sorts. The crust is flaky like a pie crust and the filling, well thats all up to you! The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you put in the middle. This was my first homemade crostada but will definitley not be my last, i made this one with a creamcheese, fresh peach and cherry filling. It was absolutley delicious and my favorite thing about it is that it is not supossed to look perfect like a pie is meant to be rustic or country looking so you just fold the edges over and it looks gorgeous!

Rustic Cherry Peach Crostata

Crust Recipe
1 c. Flour
1/8 c. sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 stick cold butter, diced
3 tlb ice water

Place flour, sugar and salt into food processor, pulse to combine. Added diced cold butter and pulse untill butter is the size of peas and mixture is crumbly. Slowly add ice water while pulsing untill mixture begins to form a ball. Remove from processor and cover with plastic wrap, form into a disc and leave in refergerator for at least one hour.

After an hour, roll the dough into roughly an 11 inch circle that is about a 1/4 inch thick. Spread creamcheese mixture (recipe below) all over the unbaked crust, place sliced peaches and cherries ontop of creamcheese filling. Fold the edges of the crust over (about an inch of crust all the way around). The more rustic looking the better here! Place on greased cookie sheet and bake @425 for about 25 minutes or untill sides and bottom are golden brown.
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Madeline and Family said...

This looks great Nichole! I hope you feel like you can post whatever you like anytime. I love all of your posts and I am so happy to do this blog with you.

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