Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garden Mac 'N' Cheese

This is a fast and easy substitute for my Veggie Lasagna (Recipe coming soon). This Mac 'N' Cheese is full of flavor and nutrients which is perfect for your kids. If your kids are picky eaters, you might get away with chopping the veggies really fine or puring them after they are cooked and then carry out the rest of the directions. Enjoy!

I throw chopped carrots in with the cooking water while the Macaroni is cooking.

Cook diced Zucchini and Yellow squash in olive oil or butter until desired tenderness.

Add drained noodles and cooked carrots back to cooked squash. You can also add sauted spinach in at this time (I didn't have any today).

Add diced fresh or canned tomatoes or Favorite Spaghetti Sauce which is my favorite way. Then Spread out a good amount of favorite grated cheese and mix until melted and gooey.

Top with fresh or dried Basil and Oregano if desired.
Is This Something That Your Kids or You Would Enjoy?

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