Friday, July 10, 2009

Piña Colada Cake- This Week's Spotlight


Piña Colada Cake

For Apple and Spice's Recipe for Pina Colada Cake go to:

We went looking for a pina colada recipe for National Pina Colada Day and stumbled upon pina colada cakes. This particular food blog we had been following, had a great way to make Pina Colada Cake. Well, we tried it and have to say, it is wonderful! We honor this week's Food Blog Spotlight to Apple and Spice, thanks for you dedication and amazing work you do, it tastes fabulous.


Has Anyone Ever Tried Pina Colada Cake?
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Nichole said...

Haven't tried it...looks delicious! I will have to make this soon:)

Katie said...

I'm honered you chose and liked the recipe! Didn't know there was such a day as Pina Colada Day

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