Saturday, September 26, 2009

Seafood Month- Catch, Eat and Dine

Well, it is that time, seafood cook off's everywhere. I wanted to share some great ways to get out there and enjoy your seafood month at the Oregon Coast.

That particular Cod (top of post) was caught by my sister in Alaska. One of the great benefits about fishing and hunting in Alaska, is that you can take it all back to the mainland with you. Although, she resides in Alaska, my sister brought a lot of her (and her husband's) catch to the Oregon Coast for all of us to enjoy. Deep Sea fishing can be enjoyed at many coasts and is great for that adventurous fish lover out there.

If you are not up to deep sea fishing though, crabbing in an excellent way to get out to sea (except you are crabbing in a harbor). It is a great way to get your pick and eat it to. Our pick for best seafood blog, click on the next link (image above from

Heres a little How-To pictorial for Crabbing
(brought to you by Madeline and Family)

From Top left: Rent a crabbing boat that will come with bait, gear, and facility to cook them. After that just bait the net, cast the net, wait, pull it up (quickly), sort, and throw back. Depending on where you are, there are regulations as to the type, size, and sex of the crab.

These Red Rock Crab were up for grabs and it had no regulations on them.

You may catch some other sea creatures in your crabbing net.

We choose Netart's Bay Crabbing and Clamming Company this year because of the location, prices, and  the fact that they included everything.

They even including the cooking.
The only thing we had to do was clean them.

In addition to a fine day at bay, we headed over to Mo's Restaurant in Cannon Beach to have a bowl of their famous clam chowder.

Make sure to check out our Blog menu for a few seafood recipes.
Hope to have more as time goes on.

Ok, the question for today is, what is your favorite sea food?
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Rachael and Family said...

I like crab and white fish like tilapia, halibut, and others.

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