Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Trip to the Cannery and a Cooking Class

Photos: Mexican Cooking Class I went to
(Making Homemade Corn Tortillas)

If you take a cooking class, or go to a cannery (like shown here), that to me is a culinary adventure, "it is a place where food takes you". Any place that you can go to learn about a food realted things is an adventure in itself. So, if you had an expierence to learn about something food related at church, school, or in the community, share it with us! Your city office buliding should have a schedule of community classes going on in your area. There are also many canneries to go to . Here is a link for a list of  LDS Canneries in the world.,12568,2026-1-4-39315,00.html. The canneries give you an opportunity to build your food storage and give back by making extras for those who are without food. I have been to a few canneries in my life and I always have something new to learn. I went to one of the four canneries in Oregon a couple of weeks ago and canned dried onions, dried milk, and potato flakes. I use all of these quite often in recipes. In fact, start to look for more recipes that have Food Storage Items written at the bottom.

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