Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dinning in Jackson Hole

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This summer Nichole and I had a chance to go up to Jackson Hole, WY for the day (away from the kids). After walking around quite a bit, we saw so many places to eat but, we weren't sure about any of them. We were recommended the Cadillac Grille Restaurant several times and finally chose it for our lunch. Nichole had ordered the Caprese Panini  and I chose the Cadillac Elk Meatloaf Sandwich. These were both great choices and I hope that Nichole will comment on this explaining her view about her sandwich. I chose my sandwich because I wanted to try a more local favorite of the area, Elk meat. Wild game is commonly served in Wyoming as this state is also a popular hunting ground. The elk meatloaf was prepared with balsamic vinegar (which I think took out the gamey flavor that I can usually taste) then, served with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a special sauce on a Ciabatta bun. I had never tasted anything like it. But, it does deserve two thumbs up in my book.

After lunch we walked to this quaint little candy store name Yippy I-O Candy Company. It was like a child's fantasy of a candy store. Barrels were filled with anything and everything sweet. I personally took advantage of the chocolates and tried some Seafoam for the first time. The taste was like eating dry honey and the texture was just like hard foam (That makes sense). It was a whole different experience.

One place I don't want to forget is a famous stop on your way to Jackson Hole from Idaho Falls. In the small town of Swan Valley, a gas station/convenience store bloomed into an ice cream parlor because they sold their ice cream in a particular shape. Yes, it is the square ice cream cone. Of course the ice cream attracted equal attention for its great flavors, including local favorites like Huckleberry and my favorite, Licorice (which they unfortunately sold out right before we arrived there). However, it was the perfect opportunity to try some new flavors.

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