Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello from Carolyn!

Hi! My name is Carolyn and I am so happy to be a part of this blog. I have always loved to cook but my knowledge has increased a ton since marrying my husband. You see, I married the son of a dairyman who's family has made a life out of homemade bread, garden produce and years of family recipes. Our family get togethers revolve around canning, homemade holiday candy and quick and easy meals. I am delighted to be able to share all I have learned with everyone.
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Madeline and Family said...

Oh, I am so glad you are here with us! I miss us going to the Pocatello Prep-kitchen together. I don't think I ever perfected your frozen jello that I love so much so you'll have to put it on here. I look forward to all of your ideas and family recipes.

Rachael and Family said...

Welcome to the blog. Its sounds like you will have alot of good recipes made out of scratch. which are the best.

Nichole said...

Welcome Carolyn...i remember you from Bonneville. I look forward to seeing your recipes and posts.

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