Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Taking Breakfast Up a Notch

Most of you already know that breakfast is my favorite meals of the day. I think my daughter is following right along in my shadow. One rule I gave myself as a mother, was to include my children in as many family meals as I could and not to make them something separate from what I'm cooking.  In this case, if I have a cheese omlet, she could too. There are so many ways to make meals fun and healthy at the same time.  Pictured here is one of our favorites, a cheese omlet.
This one egg omlet, is hassle and pan free. That's right, I microwave them! It is so simple, my daughter can do it herself (with a little help ofcourse).

How to make your own individual microwave cheese omlet.

You will need:
1 egg
Dill, salt, and pepper as desired
Some of your favorite grated cheese
Ketchup or salsa to put on top
Microwave bowl
rubber spatula
You might have to rub a little butter on the inside of your bowl

Beat egg and mix in salt, pepper, and dill in a shallow microwave bowl
Microwave for 45-60 seconds or until desired doness
Place grated cheese in the middle right away
Using the rubber spatula to separate egg from the bowl,  fold sides together to make your omlet.
(I didn't fold mine like a traditional omlet in the picture)
Pour a little ketchup or salsa over it and enjoy!

You can stuff these omlets with almost anything.

If you can't get the omlet to work, throw in some sauteed spinage and make Green Eggs (I didn't have any ham).
Microwaving scrambled eggs are also great for breakfast sandwiches too.
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Aaron and Carolyn said...

I make these eggs for bagel sandwiches. Cut a bagel in half and put a slice of cheese on them and when the egg is done, lay it on the bagel. The cheese melts and they are so yummy and fast. I found a bowl that was the same size as the bagels so the egg fit perfectly on them.

Tonya said...

Since I am vegetarian, it looks DELISH!!! Must make soon!

Nichole said...

Thats such a good idea...especially since i hate washing a pan that i cooked scrambled eggs in:(

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