Monday, January 25, 2010

Survey of Learning

 Nichole and I decided to start this year off with some more educational posts. Well, that idea brought together another idea for a cooking school section in the blog. Nothing fancy really. We will be following an agenda that will teach our readers and authors something new daily, weekly, or monthly depending on our own learning pace. These posts will include videos (our own or by other source) and pictorials. We have a big month planned for February so, we wanted to get it annouced and start it off with a little survey for everyone to take part in. This sruvey will also be in connection with February's giveaway (that will be announced soon).

Survey Question:
What Cooking tips have you learned?
(i.e. old wives tales, do's and don'ts etc.)

Simply leave a comment or if you are an author, you are welcome to make it post with or without a picture.

A cooking tip I would like to share is the secret to why
Chocolate cakes should NEVER be leavened with baking powder.

Chocolate has a high acid level that is would offset the balance of the Cream of Tarter in the Baking Powder. In addition, when baking soda is used, recipes usually call for some kind of sour mixutre (sour cream, yogurt, buttermilk etc.) so that the batter will not become too alkali and bitter. If it does become too alkali, it can also turn red instead of brown.

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Rachael and Family said...

A tip I learned from the back of a spaghetti box. When you are done cooking the noodles, and they are drained, make sure you add a little oil so they don't stick. Common Sense to others but I never knew.

suburban prep said...

Use the wrapper for a stick of butter to butter the inside of a pan. This way you get the last little bits of butter that is on the wrapper.

Heileson Family said...

I learned from my Grandpa how to boil the perfect egg. Boil the eggs in a pot of water for 2 minutes and then turn the heat off and place lid on eggs for 10 minutes. You will have the perfect hard boiled eggs each time.

Heileson Family said...

Hey Rachael I have also learned that if you put a little oil in the pan while the spaghetti is boiling it won't stick to the bottom or to each other. Almost no stirring needed.

Nichole said...

Another Spaghetti tip...Salt the water very very liberally...they always say on the Food Network "Its the only chance you get to season the pasta itself". It makes sense that your noodles should have some flavor and not just the sauce:)It doesn't affect the cooking but you will notice your whole dish tastes better when the noodles taste good:)

Heathie said...

My baking tip applies to chocolate chip cookies: I always space the oven racks evenly apart; usually the lower rack just one rung from the bottom, and the upper rack one rung from the top of the oven. Then I bake the cookies for 4 minutes on the bottom rack and 4 on the top (sometimes only 3.5 minutes). My cookies almost always turn out perfectly baked (I like 'em gooey!).

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