Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mint Brownies

Ok, so spring is not part of this food challenge, the title just wasn't complete. This week's challenge has a few little pieces to it. We were going to make it Nutritous week and then, Green week but, of course, with St. Patrick's Day coming up on Wednesday, we wanted to go Irish too. So, there you go! This week we challenge you to make something, nutritious, green, or Irish Spring (so to speak) ;)

Mint Brownines:
Follow This Recipe for the Brownies by clicking Bonneville Jr. High Brownies
You can add a little mint exctract in the brownie batter itself and/or make the mint frosting,

Mint Frosting
I kind of just mixed these ingedients together. The sure way to do this is to find a good buttercream frosting recipe and add half Vanilla and have Mint extract until it tastes as good as you want it.

The ingredients I use are:
(or butter flavored Crisco for a fluffier frosting)
a little canned milk
Powdered Sugar
Mint Extract
and don't forget the green food coloring
(add a few drops at a time)

Then, I like to drizzle melted chocolate over the brownies to make them look pretty.

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1 comment:

suburban prep said...

These look wonderful.
They would be snatched up lickety split in my family.

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