Saturday, May 29, 2010

Broccoli Salad

Photo by Madeline L.

I was asked to start the next food challenge for May. It is the Salsa Salad challenge. We wanted to challenge everyone to make a fresh salad or salsa this month as a recognition to the gardening season. I am sharing my broccoli salad that is a favorite in my family. This is actually a picture of Madeline's version (she adds fresh spinach and Crasins to hers) but they are pretty much the same.

Broccoli Salad

Ingredients for Salad:
Fresh Broccoli Florets (About 3 crowns of Broccoli)
Sunflower Seeds- 1 cup
Bacon (cooked and crumbled)- 1/2 of a package or 2-3 strips
Green Onions- 1/2 cup chopped

For Dressing:
Mayo- 1 cup
Vinegar- 2 Tablespoons
Sugar- up to 1/2 cup
Dried Onions- 2 Tablespoons (Optional)

Other Optional Ingredients:

Mix Dressing and pour over salad, mix it all together.

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1 comment:

Madeline and Family said...

Thanks for this recipe Angie. I do love to ad Spinach and Crasins. But, no matter what I do, it never turns out as good as yours.

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