Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hi. I LOVE reading all the delicious recipes on this blog! I've been reading it for a long time. The food and the photos inspire me! I sometimes feel bad that I never contribute, but mostly tell myself that I don't really have a lot to offer. We're in the middle of a move and our lives have been insaneley crazy for the last few months. I did stumble on something really great this month though and wanted to share. I don't have a picture because when I made this last night, I broke a glass, I chopped my wooden spoon to smitherines in the blender, I spilled berry all over my counter and had 2 red-stained toddlers running around my booby-trapped (I think we exceed the safety regulations for how many half-packed boxes you can have in an apartment)kitchen/living room (yes, they're the same room). I'll try again soon (we've been making this a lot) and hopefully update the post with a picture, but until then, imagine...

a cute photo of a blender layered with red, yellow and blue.

1.5 c frozen raspberries
1.5 c frozen butternut squash
1.5 c blueberries
orange juice to fill blender

Blend and stir (CAREFULLY) with a spoon. If you're cool like my brother and own a Vitamix (very neat!) you're good, but for me with a normal blender, I have to stir carefully or add more liquid. We like it thick, so I stir it as I mix.

Pour and serve.

My kids love smoothies and so do my husband and I. We make them often, especially in the summer, but we've only recently discovered adding squash. It was a crazy idea born of frustration on a day where my kids hadn't eaten vegetables for over a week. I was feeling sneaky. I hoped it would be edible and that my husband and I could stomach it. (I don't really love squash unless you eat it with equal parts butter/sugar/squash.) Much to my suprise, I like squash and berry smoothies better than what we normally do (berries, OJ and vanilla yogurt). Sounds a little cookey, but it really is great! I dare you to try it.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the delicious recipes!
Love, Michelle
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Madeline and Family said...

oooooo! I have those things in my freezer right now to make this. "Look out blender, get ready to do some work". ;) Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see you when you get to Oregon.

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