Monday, September 20, 2010

Intro to me

I cook meals like the next mom but I would say it is out of necessity. I love to eat good food and sit down for a meal but the planning, shopping, fixing, toiling, mess ups, and clean ups all while my children are pulling on me leave me exhausted and regretfully sometimes sorry that I even bothered. I do it all because I prefer home cooking for my taste buds and wallet. What I really like it photographing. So this just gives me one more thing to take photos of!
Madelin and I are planning on teaming up. She will provide the recipe and creation and I will photograph it. It should be awesome because she is a beautiful and scrumptiously awesome culinary artist.
These cookies are the Hillary Clinton Cookies that Loni posted. What a great recipe! I could eat them all day. But honestly, I am inclined to think that Mrs Clinton (God bless her) has never made them. I just can't see her in the kitchen giving them to Chelsea with a glass of milk.
So there you go. That is my intro. You should seriously make these cookies.
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Madeline and Family said...

Welcome Sally!
I am so exicted that you joined our little blog. If you happen to make any of the recipes on here like the cookie one, I will be attaching them to the posts with the recipes with your credit of course. What a great talent you've brought to the table,(literally).

AndiWinslow said...

Hi Lori I wanted to let you know that I made the Oatmeal CCC recipe and I love them. Have already made them twice. Wicked good and posted them on my blog. thanks, andi

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