Saturday, December 11, 2010

My family's favorite cracker

Blue Diamond makes some of the best Gluten Free crackers!  MMMMMM.... My family loves them.  We buy them by the ton.  I really don't like the cheese flavor at all, but the kids love it.  Here are some uses we have found for them, outside of eating them straight from the box :)
1. I scoop tuna fish onto them. The tuna I make is as follows: 2 cans white albacore tuna, drained. 4 eggs hard boiled and diced 1/4 onion diced.  a little salt, a little pepper, a little garlic.  mix with Mayo and yummy!
2. scoop egg salad onto them Hard boiled eggs diced mixed with mayo, salt, pepper, and mustard.
3. Recently my son (kindergartener) asked to have pizza for lunch like those kids that make their own.  After a little more questioning and thinking we figure he was talking about those pizza lunchables.  So He takes crackers, a little pizza sauce some cheese cut into squares that fit the cracker, and some pepperoni.  He loves doing that.  I haven't actually tried it, but I bet it is good.

They as you can see from our favorite things to put on them, are a great alternative to bread.  I have trouble with gluten free bread.  I don't like the store bought stuff and I have tried and failed to bake a good loaf multiple times.  It has never really bothered me until recently.  Before since it was just the kids that couldn't have wheat, I ate regular bread.  now though my nursing daughter can't handle it and so I cant eat it anymore. Bread is something that I greatly miss, but these crackers help fill the void because I can now enjoy some of my favorite sandwich fillings now :)
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Madeline and Family said...

Ohh, they sound great. I really need to get some for my family to try. Thanks for sharing!

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