Tuesday, January 25, 2011

About Me

 Madeline L.
- Food Enthusiast and Co-Creator of Saltbox House Cooking Exchange

I never did write my introduction post and I think it is only fair to do so after having all of our authors post theirs. It is with out a doubt that I have always wanted to be a chef, after my grandfather. As I would like to admit that he taught me everything I know, this is not the case. He passed away when I was not even 9 years old. But, I wrote down the many things that he did teach me about food, cooking, and bringing family together at the dinner table. My grandmother continued to show me her husband's cooking traits until she passed on not too much later. I will never forget the memories and teachings of both of them. In fact, the most important thing my grandfather taught me was to cook with what you have. He made it a point to be comfortable with the things around you or that you come to find. He, who grew up during a depression, learned that living within your means also meant eating within your means. This resulted in a passion for gardening, planting a small orchard, raising animals, and making something delicious from all those things that he had right there on the farm.

This blog was first created by me and my best friend Nichole for reasons of swapping recipes with each other and to keep a record of them. Since then, we have invited several other friends (authors) to join us in this so called cooking club fetish and have had a blast ever since. We like to keep things simple and savory with our foods and that has now become our goal with this blog. Sometimes, the posts will be overflowing and other times, it may be at a halt. But either way you look at it, it is an awesome feeling to be able to share and learn at the same time. I hope that all of you, whether you are an author on this blog or a reader, enjoy the culinary adventures that await you here and everywhere.

Thanks for stopping by!
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The Danaraj Family said...

What a great bio Madeline! I very much enjoyed reading it. So glad you guys started this blog! I truly enjoy every post and love the opportunity to contribute.

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