Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheesy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Have you ever wanted the Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Recipe that all the cafes and bakeries have? This one was given to me by a lady I work with and I have since added a few things to make it just the way I remember it in the restaurants. 
Cooked Chicken or Turkey (the amount is up to you)
2 boxes of Instant Wild Grain Rice (with seasoning packets)
1 lb of Swiss Cheese
1 lb of other easy melting cheese
About 2 cups of whole milk or Half and Half (you may need to add more as the soup thickens)
Vegetables I like to add (again, the amount is up to you)
Fill a large pot half full with water
Add Rice Packets, Seasoning Packets, and Vegetables.
Simmer until vegetables are soft
Add Milk or Cream
Add Chicken or Turkey
With a stirring spoon, stir in cheese and continue to stir until all cheese is in and incorporated into the soup melted.
*This recipe can make a lot of soup depending on how much you thin it out. It will be a thick soup unless you add more milk.
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Madeline and Family said...

Thanks for making this for me and Brytton, we loved it! I'm glad that you posted the recipe because I was hoping to get it from you somehow.

sunshineslong said...

You are welcome. It took me all night to get it perfect (lol).

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