Thursday, March 3, 2011

March's Author Spotlight- Stephani T.

Stephani T.
New York

Saltbox Author Since  2009

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Favorite Foods:
Cheese (especially Dubliner and goat cheeses) 
(Yes, I am partial to the typical female food group)

Favorite Restaurant(s):
Since living in three states recently, I had a favorite restaurant in each state. 1-Utah: Log Haven 2-Los Angeles: (so many good ones!) Viva Madrid 3-New York: Black and Blue

Inspiration to Cook:
Many things inspire me to cook, but perhaps the two most driving inspirations for all things culinary are my mother, and my convictions about food and its impact on our lives and, essentially, the earth. My mother is a fantastic cook and baker. I grew up eating from her garden, canned preserves, self-ground wheat, homemade bread, and her other various industrious culinary ambitions. I took this for granted when I was young, but when I got out on my own, I realized not only that the food at home was better, but how much better I felt when I ate my moms 'from scratch food'. I realized that making food for your family is healthier as well as an expression of love. The second main reason I have for cooking is because I honestly believe that you are what you eat. What we eat impacts our bodies, our minds, everyone else, and the earth. I try to make sure that my food choices are not at the expense of anyone/thing else. I am not prefect at this, by any means, but I try.

Feelings about New Foods:
I absolutely love to try new foods and flavors. I will try just about anything (yes, I have eaten things that would make some squirm). I feel like tasting new foods is akin to taking different classes in school. You sure won't learn much from taking only one class. That said, I also enjoy falling back to the favorites and staples in between being adventurous

At the Table:
Entertaining guests, especially for dinner, is something that my family has been known for since my great-grandmother, (quite the socialite). I inherited the 'hospitality' gene and if I had it my way, I would have people over every other night. I just love to feed people good food. ;-)

Here at Saltbox House Cooking Exchange, we have been inspired by Stephani and chose her as March's author of the month because of her soul connection with Irish cooking. Having this connection through her heritage has taught all of us here the way to Irish culture and traditional cooking. To view all of Stephani's current posts such as delicious recipes, cooking creations, and other food topics see link list below:

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Madeline and Family said...

Thank you for letting us spotlight you this month. We are so excited to have you on board!

Stephani said...

Thank you for the opportunity!

Amanda D said...

Stephani you're so cute!! I love your recipes. I'm planning on using some this year on St. Patty's Day :).

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