Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Pizza- Homemade to go!

My husband and I created this when we were invited over to a friends house for grilled pizza. Since they were making something really creative with caramelized onions and feta cheese or something like that, my husband thought about buffalo wings. Well, we've tried buffalo pizza from various places and they all seem to put the buffalo sauce as the sauce and as a marinade for the chicken. Plus, I haven't had any with additional toppings other than cheese and chicken. It doesn't quite cut it for a delicious pizza for either of us. So, we decided to create one that includes our favorite compliments to a buffalo sauce in the form of a pizza.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
- Grilled Chicken Breast (or roasted chicken works well)
- Frank's Red Hot Sauce - Make as directed with butter
- Green Bell Peppers
- Red Onions
- Ranch Dressing (Homemade is best!) We like ours made with sour cream or plain yogurt for this pizza. You can also buy store brands that are made this way as well.
- Mozzarella Cheese (Or a variety of shredded cheeses works well)
- Pizza Crust (Homemade, store bought fresh dough, dry dough mix, or prepared crust)

Shred your grilled chicken and place it in prepared Frank's Red Hot Sauce.
While it marinates, roll out your pizza crust and pop it in the oven for about 5 to 8 minutes (or if it is an already prepared crust, do as directed).
Allow the crust to cool for just a few minutes.
Spread Ranch Dressing all over the crust.
Top with sliced peppers, onions, and marinated grilled chicken.
Top again with cheeses (be as generous as you like)

* Just remember, if you like it hotter (spicier), the more marinated chicken and hotsauce you need on your pizza. This can also be effected by how much butter you dilute your hot sauce with when you are preparing it.

For a milder pizza you can:
-Dilute the hot sauce with more butter (or use less concentrated hot sauce) when preparing it
- Don't marinate the chicken as long
- Spread a thinner layer of marinated chicken on your pizza

Bake in a 400 Degree oven for an additional 10-15 minutes or until done. Check after 10 minutes depending on your oven.
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Lindsay said...

I heard from the family that you made this delicious pizza. I've got to make it for Josh soon.

Gloria said...

This was really good pizza Madeline. Thanks for making it for all of us.

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