Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July's Author of the Month

Heather B.
Saltbox House Author since 2009
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Favorite Restaurant(s):
Olive Garden. We don't have one anywhere near us (3 hours away is the closest) We still have to suffer through the commercials though, and I want to go there SO BAD!

Favorite Foods:
My favorite food is sourghum flour cake. mmmmm.... As far as a main course though I would have to pick Chili-lime chicken :) I LOVE guacamole and if there is anything I can add it too, I LOVE it :)

Inspiration to Cook: My kids inspire me to cook. I want them to eat healthy and to be healthy. Part of being healthy for us means that we can not eat Gluten products or products with dye in them. It makes it a little more challenging, especially at first. now I hardly give it a second thought. I enjoy taking regular recipes and making them gluten free. I also enjoy experimenting with new flours.

Feelings about New Foods: *I* like to try new foods.  My kids on the other hand... They are getting used to it though.

At the Table:  We enjoy cooking for others.  We often have people over for dinner. We hear all the time that you can hardly tell it is gluten free outside of one or 2 differences. 

Here at Saltbox House Cooking Exchange, we have been inspired by Heather and chose her as July's author of the month because of her influence in Gluten Free Cooking. She has been a Saltbox House author since the beginning of our expansion and has helped expand the gluten free recipes of this blog to what it is today! In recognition of Summer treats and fun, we believe that no one should be left out when it comes to peach cobbler, fourth of July cake, or even having a burger or hotdog without a bun. Gluten free cooking can be a big demand in your household, but it shouldn’t and we should explore and discover all that food can offer at the family table regardless. To view all of Heather B.'s current posts such as delicious gluten free recipes, cooking creations, and other food topics see link list below:

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Madeline and Family said...

Thanks for letting us spotlight you Heather! I love sharing your gluten free recipes with others that I know who are either allergic or who have a sensitivity to gluten. Plus, I have to say some recipes I've tried taste almost as good -if not better- than the original one with gluten.

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