Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March's Author of the Month

Shalyce P.


Saltbox Author Since 2010

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Favorite Foods:
I have a couple of favorite foods. My newest fave is a Shoyu Chicken recipe that my friend introduced me to. Next up would have to be another newer recipe to my family: Dad's Basil Linguine and Chicken. Mmmm

Favorite Restaurant(s):
I really don't have a favorite restaurant. Since moving to England, I do find that I miss Olive Garden A LOT!

Inspiration to Cook:
It has only been about 2 years since I really started to enjoy cooking. It all happened when I moved to England in 2010. My inspiration really came from the need to learn how to better budget and make our groceries stretch since England is so expensive. I started finding different ways to cook food I already knew, but with the stipulation that it had to include one new ingredient that I was not familiar with.

Feelings about New Foods:
I love trying new things. If I didn't try new ways or new things to cook, I would become quite bored. I even have a month long menu board so that I can make sure I don't fix the same meal more than a couple of times in one month.

At the Table:
I get pretty nervous when it comes time to cook for others. Heck, I get nervous when I cook for my husband.

Here at Saltbox House Cooking Exchange, we have been inspired by Shalyce and chose her for this month's author of the month because of her passion for trying new things. Having this passion for new ideas and living abroad can be challenge that she continues to over come.  She is also our new Tupperware Representative for Saltbox House. Click her to visit here site. To view all of Shalyce's current posts such as delicious recipes, cooking creations, and other food topics see link list below:

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Madeline and Family said...

Thanks so much for letting us spotlight you! You have been such a great addition to us, I just can't thank you enough!

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