Thursday, June 14, 2012

June's Author of the Month: Rachael B.

Photo by Madeline L.
Rachael B.


Saltbox House Author since 2009

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Favorite Foods:
Seafood, Chocolate souffle, custards, cream puffs, cheesecake, and many more baked goods. (of course all gluten free)

Favorite Restaurant(s): 
Depending on the mood I am in I like Red lobster, Cafe Rio, and any place that serves delicious gluten free items.

Inspiration to Cook:
Things I see in cookbooks and magazines (I could just read them all day), something I have heard about when my sisters call me and tell me "you have to try this recipe". Cooking for my boys can make anything a challenge, but that is one I am willing to conquer through creativity.

Feelings about Food:
I am always up to trying new recipes. Especially baked goods for which I am deprived of. These I almost always have to make myself. Even after that, I find it a little hard to share ;).   

At the Table:
I love to entertain my family when they come to visit. I think I just like the idea of having a big dinner and all of us together.

Here at Saltbox House, we have been inspired by Rachael's recipes and creativity for trying new things and altering them into a gluten free option not only for herself but also for our readers. We chose her for author of the month because she is a wonderful addition to this blog. Especially in June, we would like to acknowledge another one of her attributes, her green thumb. Rachael has stood by her love of gardening and the bounty it brings to her and her family. To view all of Rachael's current posts such as delicious recipes, cooking creations, and other food topics see link list below:

*Most Popular Recipe

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Natalie Jane said...

Cousin party at Cafe Rio? Anyone game???

Madeline and Family said...

Sounds great! Thanks for letting us spotlight you Rachael!

Georgia Collins said...

What a sister you have there!

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