Saturday, February 2, 2013

Featured Author : Angelene H.

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Angelene H.

Saltbox Author Since 2009

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Favorite Foods:
I am a sucker for everything appetizer! 
Vegetables and Fruits:
Artichokes, Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus,
Fresh Raspberries, and Mangoes.

Favorite Restaurant(s):
Depending on what mood I am in, I love burgers at Five Guys, Outback's Coconut Shrimp, Salt and Vinegar Fries from Buffalo Wild Wings, and breakfast at Dixie's Diner.

Inspiration to Cook:
I get inspired to try and re-create recipes that I think taste good. Otherwise, when I see a recipe that just looks good, I also have to ask myself is is worth it to make and can it be gluten-free. So, this makes me cautious of new recipes. However, if I know people that have tried them or the recipe has high ratings, I am more inclined to try them. Maybe I am a little skeptical because, it is hard for me to see recipes that people claim "look good" but have not tried them, I need to know the facts I guess.

Feelings about New Foods:
I love to try new things when I go out to restaurants or have dinner at someone's house. In fact, I think that is why I like buffets so much, I can try something new without feeling guilty about time or money! 

At the Table:
I do enjoy having people over for a fun and entertaing evening with lots of food to entertain us with :).  Then again, I like to keep it laid back so it is more about eating good food and being with your company than trying to make everything perfect, therefore adding unnecessary stress.
Here at Saltbox House Cooking Exchange, we have been inspired by Angelene and chose her as our featured author. Ever since her husband was diagnosed with Ciliac's Diesase, she has had to embrace a new sense of cooking in the Gluten-Free world.  She has been a great addition to our blog in many aspects and we feel honored to have her on here with us. Thank you Angelene!
To view Angelene's current posts see link list below:
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Saltbox House said...

Thanks for letting us feature you Angelene!

Natalie Jane said...

5 Guys. YUM!

Thanks for the recipes Angelene.

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