Thursday, May 30, 2013

Here I am; a New addition to this Blog for the Culinary Adventures Section

Photo by Madeline L. 2001
What a privilege to be writing to all you readers of this blog! I am Georgiana Collins, but everyone in my American family calls me Georgia. I currently live in England, but have family in the US whom I visit quite frequently during the cold winter months. While I don't prefer to write much of anything, I do fancy a bit of blogging when it is about food or other creative things. Blogging and other minor computer tasks are my limit to computer skills, so no fireworks from this lady I'm afraid. I am too old to learn new tricks; I leave that to me dogs. This brings about the proposal I was given by Saltbox House to take over the Culinary Adventure section of this blog. Some of our authors have been out and about tasting and touring in their travels and want to share about these places, but find time is not on their side. So, that is where I come in; to write what and where as I research and get the facts from them. 
This concludes my introduction. Thanks to all for having me and God bless! 
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Saltbox House said...

Welcome aboard, we are so happy to have you!

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