Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This month's Featured Blogger- Recipe Dutchess from Natalie's Sediments

Photo provided by Natalie P.
Natalie P.- Recipe Dutchess   from Natalie's Sediments
Favorite Foods: 
I LOVE Thai food. I took a Thai cooking class in college and I've loved it ever since. Though I never cook it anymore. Fish Sauce is just way to stinky to keep around I could eat good Mexican food every day as well. I make a mean salsa.

Favorite Restaurant:
I like good ambiance just as much as good food. So I like a restaurant that provides both. I like European restaurants for that. I love to eat al fresco. Of course, my favorite restaurant of all time was a Chinese restaurant in Spokane that was a totally dive. I cried when it closed.

Inspiration to Cook:
I love figuring out things to make with fresh food. Bountiful baskets gives a lot of inspirations. I wouldn't normally buy something like collard greens, but once I have it, I like to figure something out. And I really like baking. Can't make bread though. I need to some help with that one.

Feelings About New Foods:
I do, but I have texture issues. So a lot of seafood is gross to me. Raw fish? Um, no thanks. But I try to try new things on menus as often as possible.

At the Table:
 I like to entertain. My family is spoiled and I like my efforts to be used on people who appreciate it. Someday, I'll be a party planner like Ina Garten.
 Here at Saltbox House Cooking Exchange, we have been inspired by Natalie and chose to feature her this month because of her passion for motherhood and the journeys it takes her on. Not to mention, her appreciation for food. This is also why we would like to acknowledge her as fellow food blogger. We are so excited to show you all of Natalie's delicious recipes, craft creations, and personal insights, that we provided our top five food posts and her Blog button for you to enter her site.

Our Top Five Food Posts 

Super Easy Key Lime Pie

Perfect Alfredo Sauce

 Natalie's Pumpkin Muffins

Homemade Tomato Soup

To learn more about Natalie and her adventures, go to Natalie's Sediments by clicking on her blog button.
Natalie's Sentiments
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Madeline and Family said...

Yes! I love your food blog. It is full of really good recipes. I particularly love the Nordstrom's Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice soup.

Natalie Jane said...

Thank you for the sweet write up!

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