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Top 10 List of Movies with Food 2014 (and Giveaway)

It is that time again to lists our top ten favorite food movies!

 We've gone though and watched quite a few movies this last year that center around food or cooking (not to mention a touch of romance!)
As a thank you to our readers, we would like to give 3 of our follows a one of these top 10 choices (including the Honorable Mention videos below) for their own enjoyment on DVD and/or BlueRay (depending on availability).
To Enter this Contest, simply leave a comment and Answer These three Questions:
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  • What is the first movie that comes to your mind when you think food (ANY MOVIE)?
  • Which 3 movies on our two lists would you be most interested in (ranking from 1 being the most and 3 being last)?
That's It!
This Giveaway Ends Saturday April 19th, 2014 at midnight EST.
Winners will be announced that following Monday the 21st.
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1- Chocolat: It is with out a doubt that this movie praises the power of chocolate and sweet sensation that only this confection can bring. This indulgent food proves its worth as it brings together the members of a small village as they overcome their differences.
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2- Simply Irresistible: A romantic comedy filled with all kinds of emotions; emotions in food that is. This is a story of a girl that inherits a gift for creating temptations beyond flavor. Even with food this moving, only she has the power to conquer real love and find her true destiny.

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3- No Reservations: A romantic movie that you can not go without. This story brings together two people from different culinary worlds and all the drama that comes with it. You won't be disappointed to see this match made in the kitchen.

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4- Love's Kitchen: Yet another romantic comedy with drama and food that will keep you wondering what it means to mix food with pleasure. This story is a true inspiration about a chef that finds his way back to the love he was once moments away from losing.
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5- Julie and Julia: The Ever famous Food Blog made in heaven story about a girl who strives to find purpose in life through the eyes of Julia Child. This incredible movie also includes the story of Julia Child's journey from homemaker to humble French cuisine master. A must see!

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 6- Ramen Girl: The Karate Kid of food movies. This story is about a girl who not only learns the true art of Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup, but with determination finds her own true spirit; not to mention culinary and cultural wisdom.
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7- Waitress: This hilarious romantic comedy will give you a whole new outlook on pie itself. This southern waitress takes her pie making skills to heart as her life of unexpected changes arise. It will leave you asking for just another slice.
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 8- The Mistress of Spices: Who said the spices can't change your life? This movie sets out to portray the power of spices through the traditions of Indian culture. It is in fact a love story as much as it is a story of a girl who finds out if her long lost desires can co-exist with her life long traditions.
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9- The Princess and the Frog: We can't leave out the world of animation when it comes to food. This classic love story introduces another view of southern comforts as an hard working girl of New Orleans aspires to live her daddy's dream of bringing people together with good food and good company. 

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10- Ratatouille: Another unique animated film brings the genius of French cooking to a whole new level. This underdog story combines friendship, love, and passion all in the kitchen with a new twist on the meaning of  culinary expression. 

 Watch the trailer:

Honorable Mention:

This movie deserves some culinary credit as it portrays love and life through the eyes of a young girl who doesn't know the difference between them. Away at cooking school in Paris, Sabrina discovers that these distractions effect her ability to create even the most simple tasks in the kitchen. It is not until she finally gains her confidence in Paris that she finally gains her confidence in life and love.

Watch some Memorable Scenes in Cooking School


Not so much a cooking movie as much as the story of a young city couple out to conquer the country life on an egg farm. Through the many trials and the unwanted relationship with country stove, the heroine in this story proves what love really means; sacrifice, determination, and above all, putting yourself in your husbands shoes and raising chickens to live the his country dream!

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This movie is another exception to a typical food movie, but deserves a spot in our top ten because of the memories and joy that comes when good people find good food. The power of friendship behind the legendary Whistle Stop cafĂ© will not only make you a fan of fried green tomatoes, but for other southern comforts as well.
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Tell us what food movies you crave for an extra entry in the giveaway drawing.
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Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

Eat, Love, Pray

Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

I follow you via email.

Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

1. Julie and Julia
2. Chocolat
3. Ratatouille

suburban prep said...

Mystic Pizza.

I follow via Bloglovin.

No reservations
Julie and Julia
Love's Kitchen

tom said...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

I follow on

1. Chocolat
2. Ratatouille
3. Waitress59

Heidi Embrey said...

Hi! I follow you on Pinterest.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles makes me think of pizza :)

1 Ratatouille
2 Princess and the Frog
3 Simply Irresistible

Ann said...

I follow your blog, because I use many recipes from here weekly.

I think of "No Reservations"

1. Sabrina
2. Chocolate
3. waitress

Anonymous said...

I think of Christmas Story when I think of food in movies. Everything from the mashed potatoes to the Chinese duck.

I follow you via email and blogger.

1. The Waitress
2. Sabrina
3. Love's Kitchen

Georgia C.

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