Our Test Kitchen

Have you ever asked yourself a question like one of these while you contemplated what to do in the kitchen?

We at Saltbox House introduce our new Test Kitchen program where you the reader can submit your questions, concerns, food know-how, recipe re-dos or recipes you want to try; all of which will be reviewed by our Test Kitchen team.
Let us worry about how the recipe will work out and what to investigate about the questionable food item.
That is what we do best!

To submit your Test Kitchen Question, Concern, Food Know How Information, or recipe in 3 easy steps:


#2- State your first name and what city, state, or country you are from.
If you wish to remain anonymous, that is fine too. Just let us know.  

#3- Provide the question, concern, and/or recipe.

How it Works:

We will compile a list and answer them in the order that they are received and then contact you when your submission is excepted. Many submissions may be posted publicly on the blog with the results. 

The only rule we can think of is not to give us a recipe that may contain illegal ingredients or are hard to come by in the United States. We will email you if we need clarification on your submission.


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